Any renovation wheather it is an entire house, shop, office or a small space like a bathroom or kitchen needs pondering over and attention.
I can help you with flexibility and knowledge to a high quality result in which nothing is forgotten. You are welcome to make an appointment for an informal meeting to find out if I am the right party for you to work with.


When you choose to work directly with a contractor, it is wise to make design drawings and to create a job description.
On this basis, a contractor can make a realistic price. By making a relatively small investment, you will have thought deeply about your design and you will have documents to work with.


  • At first your idea develops by talking and ‘brainstorming’ about it.
  • In the next step we translate the idea into drawings and a workdescription. The contractor must know exactly what to do.
  • In some cases a building permit must be submitted.
  • With the drawings and workdescription we can ask one or more contractors for prices. Well documented you avoid nasty surprises while constructing the plan.
  • The next step is further development of the different spaces and choosing the materials.
  • Communication with the contractor works best with detailed technical drawings.
  • Color makes your home or workspace more interesting and alive and provides atmosphere. I love to make a color scheme for you.
  • When you do not have time I can coördinate the project for you
    and keep an eye on the budget.