Any renovation whether it is an entire house, shop, workingspace, but also a smaller space like a bathroom, kitchen or attic is worthy of attention.

At first it is necessary that you determine what you want to achieve with the space you want to change. These ideas must be translated into drawings and a technical description for the person who will do the work.

With our experience we can play a positive role. Wit a flexible attitude, we can move with the formation of the end result, in which nothing is passed over. By letting the design and construction process proceed in a peaceful manner, you do not make mistakes and you will not have regrets from decisions taken too quick.

You are welcome to make an appointment for an informal and exploratory meeting to find out if it clicks with us and whether we are the right party to be of your service.





In the event that you choose to work directly with a contractor, it is wise to design drawings – including for instance the electricity and finishes – and to create a job description.

On this basis, a contractor can make a realistic price. You make a relatively small investment, with which you gain a lot of time and you have to take less design decisions during the construction process. Besides, you have deeply thought out your design.


1. At first you have an idea and this idea can develop by talking and ‘brainstorming’.

2. The next step is to let translate this idea into drawings and a technical work description that you can communicate with the person who is going to do the work.

3. In some cases, a building permit must be submitted.

4. With the drawings and the job description you can ask for one or more contractors for prices. Because you have well documented work, you do not get any nasty surprises.

5. The next step is the further development of the different spaces and picking out the materials that you want to apply.

6. The communication with the contractor works best if you have detailed (work) drawings.

7. We like to make a color scheme for you. Color makes your home or your working space or shop more interesting and alive and provides atmosphere.

8. In order to proceed the construction process as smooth as possible, you may be accompanied by us. In that case we keep an eye on the budget for you so you always know where you stand.