I wanted the 1920s house that I bought from my mother to be completely renovated to a light and sleek house with a natural look. I already knew a bit of what format I wanted to make and I wanted to use wooden floors, natural stone and mosaic. I went looking for an architect who knew how to translate what I liked and knew how to make everything into a harmonious whole. I wanted an architect who helped me make choices. I chose Gosker Design.

The house is now finished and I enjoy it very much. Marij and David listened to my needs and they have divided the house otherwise. They have removed some walls so the rooms are bigger and moved the bathroom so there was more privacy, the house has become lighter and the way you walk through the house became logical. With the design of the rooms the really looked at the function so that I now have enough clothing space, a nice place to have a dining table and seating area or to have a place where I can iron handy.

Marij and David have an eye for detail, beautiful floors that run from one into the other room, detailing of the window frames and moldings, the grouting of the tiles in horizontal plane nicely go on in the vertical plane. I am also very pleased with the lighting that they have made.

It found it hard to make choices and they gave me a lot of stress, this I had misjudged in me. Marij was a great support. What I also had misjudged was the whole construction supervision. Beforehand I thought the work of an interior designer was especially a beautiful functional design. We worked with a friendly competent Polish contractor who wanted to do everything, but which needed to be controlled by Marij and David on how to make everything otherwise it would never have become such a tight house. David has a lot of architectural understanding which the house is also enhanced architectural, such as insulation, strengthen the ceilings and window frames.

I experienced Marij and David as fine people who were always involved in the renovation.

~ Reinout ter Morshuizen ~


We have a fantastic house. It only lacked on thing: “We couldn’t enjoy sitting in the sun in the evening”. The solution was a terrace on our roof. We did however not want a ladder to the roof. We wanted real stairs and an extra floor on top of our house. We already once received a letter from the municipality, which stated that we were allowed to.

How to realize such a dream?
We approached Goskerontwerp and David and Marij Gosker have helped us to formulate our wishes more clear and transparent every time and to transform these into drawings, that eventually led to the building plan. They helped with finding a contractor, price fixing and the building permit. They also supervised during the construction process.

What makes Goskerontwerp so special?
To me that’s a sense of humor during the discussions, the dedication and precision they express in their work, the patience with us as their clients (of course we had to agree with each other as well) and the security of knowing Marij and David will never let you down when something goes wrong. (which happens in every construction project).

And now our dream has become reality. On a daily basis we are still very happy and glad that we have addressed this renovation, that it has become what we expected and we can look back on an exciting and fun building process. With great thanks to Marij and David!

~ Ria Brandon ~


“After the renovation, I searched for something that was not right and really could not find anything.”

~ Egbert Jeeninga (owner) villa 3 ~